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Another old print. This was about how I thought cats were creepy at the time. I thought that they would be a lot like snakes if they had no appendages and I really didn’t appreciate it. I also felt like when they looked at me they could look into my soul or see my thoughts. Of course I didn’t really think that to be true, but I didn’t like that look in their eyes.


chutes and ladders


Another college print. I was getting Graves disease at the time and no one could tell me what I was getting yet. Nervewracking. I couldn’t sleep but had to nap during the day, I felt so weak I was exhausted just from standing up to make the print. So the print became about that. The ladder signifies not being able to get to where you used to be. Your prized labrador is no longer alive, yet still playfully wearing a rain slicker hat, out of your reach for comfort. Your legs are tired and not capable of the athletic capacity they used to be capable of. And you wish you could escape it all.