I am taken with printmaking because I find it strangely meditative. The sheer multiple aspect of it can be exciting. Probably in the same way that people find having twins or 16 children exciting. They are never all exact replicas – and there is always shock involved. It’s gambling for someone who doesn’t really gamble.

 I like to use flat planes of color and I prefer to work with bright colors. I usually have a storyline behind a print but you wouldn’t have any idea just from looking at it. 

Much of what I do revolves around water or nautical themes. With relatives in Maine and a lifetime spent in Indiana so far, you can see how I might be a little parched. I drive down a road littered with strip malls and fantasize that the breeze finding its way into my car is really the chill of the ocean. I dip crab legs in butter. I go canoeing in the summer because I can’t stand not to. I immerse in water or down a hot tea to quench my fiery nature.  I want to enliven people with bold colors, make them laugh, or make them imagine something that had never occurred to them because it doesn’t seem to occur in their lives.
I naturally do a lot of animal/outdoor subjects because I like the 2 extremes. I like being in an urban environment, but I love to escape to the outdoors. I think it’s too often that we get stuck in one or the other. We feel self-sufficient in the city, but really what keeps us going comes from the land. There’s an interconnectedness.


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